Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Legal Defence Fund

A separate Church Legal Defence Fund bank account has been established by the Board of Management of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

The account is for receiving donations towards the legal costs of defending our Church against an anti-discrimination action brought against us in July 2017.

The elders of the church consider that this case has ramifications far beyond our own church.  The freedom for all Australian Christians to communicate the gospel and Bible teaching to our community is under threat.  We are committed to fighting this legal action to help protect this freedom not just for Cornerstone, but for the wider church.

Indeed we believe that the freedom of speech and conscience of every Australian, whether Christian or not,  is threatened by such anti-discrimination actions.  We are therefore committed to fighting this action also for our wider community’s basic freedoms.


The funds will be kept separate from the general funds of the church, and will be used only for the following purposes:

1)  To pay court costs as they may arise.

2)  To pay legal fees.  We have some very skilled and generous lawyers donating an enormous amount of time and expertise.  This of course means time away from fee-paying clients, and they bear a great cost.  We will therefore help to alleviate these costs from this fund to whatever extent we can.

3)  If at the end of the legal process any funds remain, they will be donated to the Human Rights Law Alliance, who have already pledged $10,000 to help defend this particular case.

If you would like more information about the complaint, and the progress of the defence, please write to the Minister, Campbell Markham,

We sincerely thank you for whatever gift you are able to make.


Cornerstone Presbyterian Church’s accounts are, like every other congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, independently audited each year.