It has been a busy fortnight here in Hobart, many people have been coming to listen to the preaching and there have been extensive debates on numerous issues. It has been wonderful to see the gospel preached to the large crowds but there have also been some very challenging moments also. Many bibles have gone out from the table and good conversations had whilst the preaching is going on.

Some of the issues raised are predictable and have been well answered by wise Christians in the past, some of these were:

  • If God is all powerful, can He make an object so heavy He cannot lift it? (answer: God can do all things consistent with His character and His character is not logically absurd)
  • The burden of proof in this argument is all on you as a Christian – prove God is real (answer: Christians have a burden of proof to bear and there is huge amounts of evidence for God’s existence. Atheists on the other hand have an impossible burden to bear – to prove God does not exist means you must know all things and all time!)
  • If God is real then why is there so much suffering in the world (and variations of that thought)? (answer: there are many options to answer this, two options in summary: God provides us with the grounds of good and evil, if He is absent what do you base your protest of evil on? God made this world good and the evil we see came into it by our wrong doing, one day He will redeem the world.)
  • Why do you do this? (answer: Because I care about you and want you to have the great blessing that could be yours in Jesus Christ)

Some of the questions though have been very modern and very topical today and form part of the secular class of “untouchables”. Issues that no one is allowed to question the status quo on, you simply need to shut up and agree apparently.

  • I’m gay, what does God think of me? (answer: God has shown His great love for you and me both by sending Jesus to die for sin on the cross. We both deserve judgment and hell for our rejection of God and wrong doing but you and I both can be made God’s precious children if we turn from sin and humbly trust in Jesus)
  • What does God think of abortion? (answer: All life is given by God and children are precious in His sight. To perform an abortion is to kill a human being at an early stage of life and is murder.)
  • What about other religions? (answer: Jesus said He was the only way to God and no-one would come to the Father any other way. He made an exclusive claim and proved His authority by miracles, prophecy and resurrection.)

For most days it has been wonderful to preach as I was given the opportunity to share the gospel liberally when engaging with people. It was good to keep coming back to the centrality of the gospel and Jesus Christ. Arguments are good to a point but the reason for doing this is to draw people to Christ, praise God He gave the opportunity!

Soli Deo Gloria

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